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Creative Garden 

Art House is embarking on a two-phase project which will break ground in the Spring of 2023. The two phases are a green infrastructure element and an artistic educational component, striving to enhance the neighborhood and lives of the community.

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  • Provide an opportunity for education on the idea of environmental stewardship.

  • Improve accessibility for parklike spaces and artistic programming for our neighborhood.

  • Establish a safer, more beautiful entrance to the Art House campus.

  • Showcase public art along Denison Avenue.

  • Create an environmentally friendly campus which supports the Northeast Ohio. 

  • Regional Sewer Districts goal of reducing storm water runoff into the sewer system saving our waterways.

  • Raise $500,000 to turn the Creative Garden into a reality.





     The first phase is mostly funded by a Green Infrastructure Grant of $249,000 from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. The first step is to install the Green Infrastructure elements of the vision, which includes a bioswale to capture storm runoff. The bioswale is at the core of the project. Bioswales use native plants to help absorb more water and prevent erosion. The gardens in the bioswale provide habitats to pollinators, bees and birds. This helps to improve the ecosystem which further improves air quality and beautifies the neighborhood. In addition to plants, the bioswale will feature a land bridge, sculpture, and opportunities for teaching.

    The second phase encompasses the artistic and educational elements which will expand programming and provide a park-like space in the neighborhood. Once the green infrastructure phase is completed the artistic and garden elements will be installed. These components include trees, plants, perennials, grass, a cobbled path, sculpture, benches, an interactive canvas, a versatile outdoor classroom space, and a raised performance stage. Additional features include a sculptural fence along the sidewalk incorporating signage, new fencing on the eastern lot line, and lighting.

The estimated cost of these design pieces is approximately $200,000.

    One of the most important elements will be to create a space where various artistic disciplines will be represented through permanent and temporary art installations. They will add color and interest to the space and create excitement and beauty along Denison Avenue. 



  This has been a collaboration of many partners who have a vested interest in seeing this project completed. Our partners are Big Creek Connects, West Creek Conservancy, AECOM, Deru Landscape Architecture, and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

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