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Art House Artist Dialogues

Future Dates To Be Announced Soon

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Mark Yasenchack

Mark Yasenchack is a ceramic and mosaic artist using texture and glaze to create depth on the surface of clay. The clay tiles, or tessera, are combined with glass and stone tiles and found elements to create mosaic forms and murals. His inspiration is as often from ancient cobbled roads as it is from formal decorative mosaics; the lines often slightly off, the color filtered through a patina of age and wear. His work is inspired by relics, especially those relics without a clear providence, their function and place lost to and in time. He prefers to experiment with clay techniques to create carved stone-like effects or using water-etching to replicate mud-dyed cloth-like imagery in clay.

Angelica Pozo

Angelica Pozo is a studio artist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. As a full-time artist, Angelica divides her time between her widely exhibited sculptural work, major public art commissions, and artist residencies involving large ceramic tile/mosaic projects. She is the author of Making and Installing Homemade Tiles (Lark, 2005) and Ceramics for Beginners: Surfaces, Glazes, and Firings (Lark, 2010). Her site-specific public art is installed at various public institutions in Ohio, and her studio work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationwide. To learn more about Angelica and see more of her work, visit

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