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Internship Experience - Fall 2020

Everything comes to an end, including this internship that I have been working all summer. My time here at Art House was fun and knowledgeable. I loved working in a space that was full of creativity and art. As my internship comes to a close, I am reminded of the values and skills that I have learned while working here.

My Experience

During my time here at Art House, I created and collaborated on a lot of different media. I made all the social media posts on a daily basis. Thinking of ways on how to get people's attention and participation was hard, but a skill that I can now do with confidence. I also communicated A LOT. Communication is key when it comes to being successful at anything. Sending out weekly email blasts and monthly blog posts was something that helped me get the word out about upcoming events and new details.

Our August Art Camps were probably one of my favorite things to help with as an intern. Getting to work side by side with professional artists, creating with students and helping them learn about art, and creating things myself are just some of the things that I got to participate in during this month. While students were learning about the history of art forms and how to create them, I was right along side of them learning as well. I got to witness students and artists of different backgrounds come together and just create art.

Another thing that made my experience at Art House grand was the collaboration between all of us. My supervisors were supportive, helpful, and granted me this opportunity. The other interns that I got to work along side with was also my favorite part of this internship. I loved developing relationships with these people and working together as a team. The countless group messages, Zoom/FaceTime calls, and collective confusions were worth it. I developed friendships and partnerships along the way. Lastly, I loved working with the professional artists. Getting to see the amazing work that they do was rewarding enough, but helping them create it for the students and ultimately for Art House was even better. Whether it be clay, painting, mixed media or environmental art, each artist is unique and so talented in their own way.

What I Achieved

During my summer here, I gained a lot of skills that I did not know I would gain. Developing content in new software and technologies that I didn't know was honestly overwhelming at first, but allowed me to gain another skill for my future work as well. I also learned some art skills from the artists that I worked with.

I achieved motivation. Leaving this internship, I am now motivated to find something bigger and better to help me develop my future as a designer. Each opportunity is a stepping-stone to the end goal we are trying to achieve or arrive at, and I believe Art House was one of those stepping-stones

At the end of the day (or should I say summer), and most importantly, I gained confidence. I gained confidence in my own work, my work ethic, my collaboration/leadership skills, and my creative thinking. With this being my first internship, I had to break out of my comfort zone and take chances that I would not normally take. I had to put away my fear of being rejected and just try. I had to be a leader. In the end, I do believe that I tried my hardest into making this internship the best for me that I possibly could.

Closing Remarks

In my last days working for Art House, I can say that I am proud and thankful. I am packing up these skills, relationships, and experiences and heading on to other opportunities.

What's next for me? Graduating in December with my Bachelors Degree.

Stay creative!



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