Art in Motion: An Evening With Kasumi

Cher. Bono. Madonna. Rembrandt. Rhianna. Sting. Picasso. All artists known by a single name. All icons of the arts. All movers and shakers. Add to that list: KASUMI.

On November 11th, Art House had the pleasure of hosting a Community Culture Night with this ground-breaking artist and film maker. This was an incredible honor -- to have an internationally known Guggenheim fellow come to our humble studio to talk about her life, her inspiration, her art. A human dynamo, a petite woman with a powerful punch, Kasumi is a visual artist, film maker, musician, and performer. She is a force to be reckoned with, but also a gentle, friendly soul one can easily relate to.

Let me say that her work blows my mind. It is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. This woman is taking art and film into new territory, perfect for the digital age. Her work is complex technically and artistically, and for me, touched my heart and my mind in a new way. Kasumi herself says it best: "My work is about the echo chambers of memory - a perpetual feedback loop that creates consciousness. I use the symbols, images, and gestures that encode meaning and form the units from which we tell our stories, and that paradoxically both limit and expand human possibility."

But I am not sure it can really be explained through mere words; you have to experience it for yourself. Kasumi uses digital collage and film making techniques to create art in motion that expresses and explores human emotions and the recesses of our minds, enfolding one in a journey through imagery that will leave you thinking. A lot. I found her work incredibly inspiring and even courageous. Kasumi has the courage to carve a new path in creativity that deeply explores the human condition. But in spite of her ground-breaking work and achieved fame in the art and film worlds, Kasumi is so down to earth, so real, so humble. Someone you can easily relate too. Perhaps that is why her work is to powerful. I highly recommend a visit to her website,, and that you watch the video of her talking about her work on Youtube. And then there is her powerful feature film, "Shockwaves."

Kudos to Art House for connecting us with amazing artists in a real, personal way. A few months ago I went to the presentation by Natalie Laneze, another amazing, accomplished, and warm-hearted artist. I am hooked. I plan to attend as many Community Culture Nights as I can. Sculptor and performance artist Robin VanLear is up next -- don't miss it!

What a wonderful and inspiring break from the grind of every day life!

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