As a visual arts organization with a community focus,  Art House makes art accessible through a broad range of free and low-cost, fee-for-service programs. 

Urban Bright Visual Arts-in-Education Residencies 

Art House ’s award winning  Urban Bright Arts-in-Education Program (UB) provides students in Cleveland Schools with meaningful, hands-on arts opportunities and experience with artists, methods, and materials to which they would otherwise be exposed. The 2017-18 Urban Bright Arts-in-Education program is providing direct arts instruction to 13 inner city schools, with 7 public schools in low-income neighborhoods receiving these services at no cost.  

Urban Bright After School Programs

Art House offers a number of After School Programs to supplement school art programs for students who do not have access to enhanced art programming during the school day. Programs are offered in partnership with both schools and civic organizations, and are taught by professional artists. After School Programs consist of single workshops or series that extend over several weeks, and are often based on the arts-in-education programs offered through local schools, giving students another way to fuel their imaginations through the creation of art. 


Art House’s StudioGO program offers fee-for-service workshops and classes to businesses, organizations, community groups, schools and other agencies interested in providing arts experiences for the populations they serve. In the past, numerous summer camp groups, as well as the Girl Scouts and Girls & Boys Clubs of America, have taken advantage of AH’s short, fun, StudioGO workshops. The StudioGO program also offers customized corporate retreats, using art for self-discovery and team-building; birthday parties; and other art-centered events to both individuals and businesses. 

Our mission is to inspire exploration and expression through the visual arts. By fulfilling this mission, Art House stabilizes our neighborhood and creates opportunities for artists to thrive. By extension, the organization contributes significantly in the creation of Cleveland as a culturally rich and economically viable destination to live, work and raise a family. 

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