In Celebration of WOMEN!

My original thoughts were interrupted by a fire alarm (or maybe drill) shortly after walking out of the gallery and finding my way to the cafeteria for some coffee to further take it all in. You see when the gallery at Lakeland Community College had it’s opening for From WOMAN XII, I ran into issues trying to get there without having a reliable vehicle and lack of public transport to get me there either. It's in the middle of nowhere. Although I had planned on this being a post about the artwork of powerful women, and it will be, to a point, I also had one big epiphany after I paid an Uber quite well to get there from East Cleveland. That epiphany? Going to a gallery in the middle of nowhere

Meet Art House's New Intern Annmarie!

I was introduced to Art House during the winter of 2018 and was very moved by Art House's dedication to the community and commitment to educating and introducing art topics to students/families who typically do not have the exposure. I began my internship in February, assisting with Luther Memorials Residential Artist, Natalie Williams, and working directly with the students on projects. I have a few new upcoming opportunities with Art House to work with the women at Norma Herr Women's Shelter, the students at Wilbur Wright Elementary, and to help organize and plan the upcoming Urban Bright Exhibition held annually at Art House. I have a focus in sculpture and my upcoming year is filled with

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Our mission is to inspire exploration and expression through the visual arts. By fulfilling this mission, Art House stabilizes our neighborhood and creates opportunities for artists to thrive. By extension, the organization contributes significantly in the creation of Cleveland as a culturally rich and economically viable destination to live, work and raise a family. 

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