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English translation on the bottom: Mi nombre es Laura García, soy psicóloga con un enfoque Humanista Gestalt, especialista en técnicas de reducción de estrés y en el trabajo de expresión y desarrollo emocional a través de las artes como la danza, la música, la escritura y la pintura. Dentro de mi trabajo, promuevo mucho la exploración y conexión con la experiencia personal de cada individuo, cuidando las diferentes dimensiones que conforman a la persona. En Agosto del 2017, a mi esposo se le presentó la oportunidad de estar en un entrenamiento de un año en Cleveland, y a pesar de que era una gran oportunidad para el; en mi generó preocupación, ya que eso implicaría que tendría que dejar trab

Our Amazing Community

On Friday, January 26th Art House Inc. will be holding our first Community Culture Night of the new year, as well as my first Community Culture Night as an Art House Inc. Intern. We are excited to welcome esteemed artist and performer Robin VanLear to our studio during this event. Our Artist Lecture Series that is offered on a quarterly basis strives to bring in prominent members of the art community to talk about their journey, how art affects their lives, and many other interesting topics. Robin VanLear, although not a Cleveland native, has taken Northeast Ohio by storm since she arrived here in 1989. Born in Cambridge, MA, VanLear received her MFA in Sculpture and Performance Art from UC

Jeannie Oakar's thoughts

This year, I want to take the time to work on my own artwork and get back to doing pottery. I am making a commitment to myself to be more mindful, be more present in the moment and to recognize that doing my art is good for my soul. With the realization that pottery has been a self regulating tool that I have used my entire life, it is a personal commitment that I will make! I have always done my art for myself. Never too worried if it sold at shows or if it was liked by others. This might be why I have a garage full of old pottery. I intend to continue this trend. I also intend to continue to support community arts. As an educator for the last 15 or so years, I have had a major focus on my

New Ideas

A few years ago I did an art project that involved interviewing Max Hayes High School students. I made this connection through the art and shop teachers. Individually and as a group, I asked them to talk about what they liked and disliked about the city, what their ambitions were. The art room environment made them feel comfortable/open. They agreed and disagreed where it was safe and not safe to go. They questioned the logic of demolition as a solution to urban blight and discussed practical solutions to real problems. Underlying the volley of light-hearted banter and outright jokes ran a blade of insight regarding boundaries, race, politics, and human nature. This footage was combined with

War on Art

This is the abbreviated title of a book by Steven Pressfield in which he discusses Resistance: resistance to the creative process and any cause that calls us. It is a toxic force that is experienced as fear. Fear precipitates flight. An underlying connection to this theory is the dismissive attitude that continues to persist towards the deep value of the Arts. Harvard PHDs still brush Art off as touchy-feely, in spite of ever mounting statistics that reveal how exposure to the Arts and immersion through Art Education raises a community’s sense of well-being and results in students who are more engaged, confident, and are better able to succeed in school and beyond. A recent overheard conver

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Our mission is to inspire exploration and expression through the visual arts. By fulfilling this mission, Art House stabilizes our neighborhood and creates opportunities for artists to thrive. By extension, the organization contributes significantly in the creation of Cleveland as a culturally rich and economically viable destination to live, work and raise a family. 

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