A Special Afternoon with Kevin Hogan

July 24th


Art House, Inc.
via Zoom

In the Present.

Looking to the Past.

And Back Again.

50 years of work.

In Contrast and Context.

Contrasting two works of different times, materials, process, scale or context with a common subject, content, or intent.

Kevin Hogan has been making drawings for a long time. He has made other things as well.

Over a 50 year period, drawing has led him to painting, printmaking, installation and performance.

As a result of considerable work in updating and digitizing his image library of this work; for the first time Hogan is attempting the broadest presentation of his work to date.

Hogan resided in Lakewood, Cleveland and Kent in the seventies. Hogan currently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina.

Please Join us!