Boys and Girls Scouts


Are you a Scout Leader looking for new badge experiences?  Bring your scout troops to the Art House studio for programs that are designed to meet art badge requirements.  Programs include clay, painting, and more.


$185/hr for non clay projects for up to 20 participants

$200/hr for clay projects for up to 20 participants

For over 20 participants a $10 fee will be added on for each additional participant.

Includes the use of the Art House studio, an art instructor and all materials.


“My troop went to Art House to complete our Pottery Badge (Brownie’s). They were absolutely AMAZING! They have a large 1 room studio with tables pushed together to form a large rectangle. Our instructor was fun, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Prices were completely within reason and the time we spent was not wasted. The girls worked with clay in a variety of ways and they each had time to work on the potters wheel. Art House comes highly recommended!”

-Mary Ellen Dailey
Troop Leader


For more information please contact Program/Education Coordinator Emily Splain at 216.398.8556 or