June 10th 2017

The theme of the parade was Collage.

The ensemble was made up of 5 fish , 7 trees and a river. The children were the fish and collectively the river while the parents were the trees. The fish headpieces were created from cardboard, pattern designs, that they created, and found objects. Each child designed a pattern on a piece of paper from cray-pas and watercolor, part of which they kept, cut and used to color their fish. The other part they shared with the other children participants to encourage the ‘collage’ and collaborative aspect of the parade theme. Their river costume tunics were made from fabric filled with images that both parents and children stamped while also painting elements of water on the costume.

The adults were the trees of the ensemble. They built the tree structure from wood, bamboo, hoola-hoops and mesh. They then wove strips of plastic into the mesh to create the leaf-like image that swayed beautifully in the breeze. Each tree was about 8’ tall. The whole ensemble had a wonderful flowing, swaying movement to it. It was visually successful as there was interest from the tall trees and at ground level from the fish and river. Also there were many different techniques used to create the ensemble which made it interesting and rich in texture and color.

by Artist Wendy Mahon