Open position: Interns

Art House partners with local institutions and universities. We are currently accepting resumes for unpaid interns that will provide real world, hands-on experience in the non-profit arts sector.  We are looking for people who are interested in art, art administration, arts in education, non-profits, grants, graphic arts, event planning and marketing. Hours are flexible, minimum 10-15 hours per week preferred.

Please let us know if you are applying for FALL, SPRING or BOTH. 


Administrative Intern FALL or Spring: To assist in everyday administrative and studio jobs. Interns should expect to help with a variety of tasks from assisting with scheduling, data entry and grant reports, to posting on social media platforms about new classes and events. An intern can also expect to assist at Art House events and fundraisers. New tasks can arise daily, so flexibility and willingness to learn are essential. We are especially looking for candidates who have good writing, communication, and organizational skills. This position is perfect for someone who is interested in how a small non-profit works and wants to learn more about every aspect of an organization. Preferred Majors/Minors but not limited to: Museum Studies, Non-Profit Administration, Grant Writing, Fine Arts, Art Education and Marketing. 

Teaching Artist Intern FALL or SPRING: To assist with the teaching artists for the in-school residencies and out-of-school workshops. You will work closely with the artist, school staff and directly with the students on specific projects. These projects include a variety of media ranging from book-making, digital arts, ceramics and sculpture. The teaching artists are professionals, many of whom are well- known in the NEO region and nationally. Residencies consist of 12-20 one hour sessions. Workshops generally meet for 5 consecutive 1 to 1.5 hour sessions. Studio assistants for these residencies or workshops may rotate as needed, but they will have the opportunity to work with the teaching artists and their classes over several sessions/weeks. After completing a residency you will have the chance to generate your own Family Open Studio/Family Clay Day class where you will be paid for your work to not only instruct but to create an original project for those who participate. This position is perfect for someone interested in working as a teaching artist. Majors/Minors but not limited to: Art Education and Fine Arts.

Event Intern FALL or SPRING: The Events Intern will be given projects throughout their time here to help organize events for the organization. This can include but not limited to: calling for sponsors or donations, creating social media posts, setting up before and taking down after events, rounding up volunteers and volunteering themselves for events etc. They will work closely with Staff and Board. This position is a great opportunity for someone who wants experience in Event planning especially for small organizations with a limited budget. Preferred Majors/Minors but not limited to: Marketing, Graphic Design and Communications

Community and Programs Intern FALL &/or SPRING: During the Fall the intern will be directly working with the Programs Coordinator to develop plans for future schools for the Spring and community programs. They will be given the opportunity to work within the community at volunteer craft tables at local events. During the Spring the intern will assist in looking for new partnerships or develop a deeper partnership with community businesses or CDCs to offer more programming during the Summer while also contacting school for future Urban Bright Programming for the FALL of the following year.

This position is a great opportunity for someone who wants experience working in a small arts-in-education non-profit. It will give insight into the programming process and development as well as how to communicate with outside organizations. Preferred Majors/Minors but not limited to: Museum Studies, Non-Profit Administration, Community Development, Fine Arts and Art Education

Social Media and Marketing Intern FALL or Spring: This internship focuses on the development of a marketing plan. The intern will be in charge of our social media and work directly with other interns, staff and board to advertise about programs, events, PR packets and other opportunities with Art House. Graphic Design and Word Press experience preferred but not required. This position is best for someone who wants more experience in social media or marketing. This internship also provides the opportunity to build a stronger portfolio. Preferred Majors/Minors but not limited to: Marketing, Communications and Graphic Design.

If you are interested in applying, please submit a Resume, 3 references and a Cover Letter of goals and interests. Send to:

Program Coordinator Emily Splain;




Open position: Teaching Artists

Art House is currently accepting resumes for artists teaching in a range of different medias.

Art House provides art programming to a variety of groups including: early childhood, school aged children, adults and seniors. Programs take place onsite as well as offsite. Art House partners with a diverse group of organizations and businesses and customizes programs to fit their needs.

Artists submitting resumes should have teaching experience and hold a Bachelors or Masters Degree.

Art House has a team of artists dedicated to our mission of making art accessible to Brooklyn Center and the Greater Cleveland community by providing instruction, encouragement, and facilities, and our purpose which is to provide high quality visual and creative arts classes for people of all ages and skill levels.

Please send your teaching resume, a letter of interest, and three JPEG images of your work or work created by your students to

Current Teaching Artists