Preparing for the Chili Cook Off!

Hello! It’s Gabi again. From my very first day of work Art House has been buzzing with preparations for the 2nd Annual ABC Chili Cook-Off.  I got to help create a few of the marketing materials for the event and I loved getting to hear all about how wonderful the inaugural event was.  Last year we raised $3,000 for Art House, helping to fund our many community and Arts-in-Education programs. This year, we’re hoping to do even better!

           On February 11th a group of artists, staff and board members (Billy Ritter, Chris Dodson, Sally Hudak, Dan Spencer, Adam Stalder, Brinsley Tyrell, and our very own Laila Voss) huddled into Art house and over the course of four hours created 100 chili bowls.  Once they are glazed, these bowls will become part of the ABC Cook-Off (Artists-Bowls-Chili): the first 100 ticket buyers for the event will get to choose a bowl for sampling all the chili! Participants will be able have unlimited taste of the delicious recipes our 9- 10 contenders have made before voting for the very best 2017 chili concoction.  The event will be taking place on March 11th from 1- 3 pm here at the Art House (3119 Denison Avenue, Cleveland OH 44109) and will feature great chili, fabulously talented people and an incredible raffle for guests to participate in.  What else could be a more will be the perfect break from the cold (then warm then hot then cold again) weather?  I personally can’t wait to see how this event brings the community together and to see who gives last year’s winning team, Goya and the Gringo,a run for their trophy!img_1159


From the intern’s point of view…

Hello, everyone! My name is Gabi and I’m one of the interns here at Art House.  You’ll be hearing from me in the coming months as I document my journey with this beautiful organization and I look forward to sharing my experience with you.  I’m a senior Theater and Business Administration major from Baldwin Wallace and I’ve spent the majority of my college career with the aim of working for or opening an after school art program once I’ve graduated. Imagine my surprise when I opened an e-mail from a professor notifying me that there was an internship available for an organization that lined up with my dream almost perfectly!  I jumped at the opportunity of course, and – though I may have been overly enthusiastic during my interview – I’m so happy to be here.  

I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’ve already begun to reinforce the fundamentals of running a non-profit organization that I’ve learned in my classes; the board and staff are the bones holding everything together, grants and donors are our lifeblood, and the quality of our programming brings in our neighbors, people from all walks of life and all ages, our reason for surviving.  I’m hoping that by the time I leave this place I will have gained the understanding of what it takes to run an organization like this and be much better prepared for what my future brings me.  So far I’ve been working on marketing materials and linking our social media sites, but at different points over the next few months I hope to help with some of the Arts-In-Education programs, documenting the student’s progress as they dive into their projects, and hopefully will learn more about the grant-writing and application process.

The artistic community here in Cleveland is an incredible thing to bear witness to and it would be nowhere near as prominent as it is today if it weren’t for the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Arts Council, the George Gund, Martha Holden Jennings, the Mardi Gras Fund – the list goes on. In addition, the residents of Cuyahoga County also help through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture..  Their belief in the power of creativity and healthy stimulation of the community has given us the opportunity to reach more students, touch more families, and inspire more art throughout the Cleveland area.  I am so excited to be working with both Art House and our donors, but more prominently I am excited to see the effects of our combined efforts to bring such an amazing thing as art to those who deserve it.