Why you need to attend the Urban Bright Annual Art Exhibit.

On Saturday, May 13th, Art House will host the 15th Annual Urban Bright Art Exhibit, from 1:00 to 3:00pm. For those of you who have never attended this exhibit or don’t know what it’s about, let me just say that you have been missing one of the most inspirational Art Events in Cleveland.
I have had the profound good fortune to be a part of Art House in one capacity or another for over 10 years, most recently as a Board Member, and have attended many of the Urban Bright Art Exhibits over the years. And they always surprise, amaze and inspire me.
The Urban Bright program is an Art House Arts-in-Education Program which puts local teaching artists into residency programs at Cleveland City schools as well as Constellation schools. The program provides students with meaningful, hands-on arts opportunities and exposure to artists, methods, and materials that they would otherwise not be exposed to.
And once a year we have the opportunity to view the results, and they are amazing. When the youngsters in this program are allowed to express themselves, extraordinary things are created. Grade school kids create ceramic plaques illustrating social concerns using pictures and objects. There are the kinetic sculptures made with duck tape, boxes and wire that move when you turned the crank. Or the glossy 3 foot by 3 foot posters made by High School students from photos that they took then digitized and colorized, each poster a different statement of an issue that the student wanted to express. And painted silk banners that are over 6 feet long, some with flowers, some with animals, some with quotes. Glass and tile mosaics, replicating Cleveland landmarks like the FREE stamp or Terminal Tower.
I could go on and on about the creative, insightful and thought provoking work that is done by these kids of all ages, but instead, I suggest you come to Art House on Saturday, May 13th and see for your self.  I am excited to see what has been created this year and I know that I will again be amazed at what is generated when you expose young people to Art.
Sharon Martynowski
Art House Board Secretary


Martinez E-B

This past Friday, Art House had the pleasure of being visited by the ever talented Martinez EB. Born and raised in Cleveland, Martinez moved out to Chicago to pursue his artistry after graduating from the Cleveland institute of Art. Martinez specializes in conversation starters, wanting to bring to light the problems of gun violence and its effect on children, police violence and other controversial topics. At first glance his art is teddy bears and toys, but a closer look reveals a bold statement about the argumentative and unfortunate reality of today’s society.  martinez-talking
His art is whimsical in a way that makes you wonder if your childhood was as simple as you thought or if the world has really changed that much. A few dozen guests watched his presentation, storing questions to ask him later.  As serious as a few of his topics were he kept it lighthearted, often making the audience laugh where they may otherwise want to cry.  He talked of plans for collaborative projects between Cleveland and Chicago and about his involvement with organizations such as Esperanza.  He shared the difficulties of balancing all the different pieces of his life – being an artist, activist, father and teacher.  I and everyone who attended the event left feeling inspired to expose the elephant in each of our own rooms. There’s always more that we could do to start the conversation, to see people differently, to change someones life.  I loved getting to listen to Martinez speak and I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.


ABC Chili Cook Off

img_1919As a new intern, I was able to experience one of the great events held at Art House, Inc. The 2nd Annual ABC Chili Cook-Off combines Artists + Bowls + Chili, which focuses on friends and community while eating some amazing chili. Sitting at the door and checking in the attendees, I was able to talk to every person that walked in, there was such excitement! Local Artists, Board and Staff came together to create over 100 ceramic bowls to be given to the 1st 100 tickets sold. The bowls were beautiful, everyone was thrilled to pick out their own artist made bowl.


The food was amazing, with 10 varieties of chili offered, five of those being img_1937vegetarian; there truly was something for everyone. Some were so good they were gone within the first hour! So many people came to support Art House and they were not disappointed!  It was wonderful to see so many people come together to make the 2nd Annual ABC Chili Cook-Off a huge success!


The Art House’s Annual ABC Chili Cook-off is a fabulous event. I would encourage everyone to make sure they attend next year and don’t forget to get your ticket in advance so you can receive one of the 100 bowls!


Preparing for the Chili Cook Off!

Hello! It’s Gabi again. From my very first day of work Art House has been buzzing with preparations for the 2nd Annual ABC Chili Cook-Off.  I got to help create a few of the marketing materials for the event and I loved getting to hear all about how wonderful the inaugural event was.  Last year we raised $3,000 for Art House, helping to fund our many community and Arts-in-Education programs. This year, we’re hoping to do even better!

           On February 11th a group of artists, staff and board members (Billy Ritter, Chris Dodson, Sally Hudak, Dan Spencer, Adam Stalder, Brinsley Tyrell, and our very own Laila Voss) huddled into Art house and over the course of four hours created 100 chili bowls.  Once they are glazed, these bowls will become part of the ABC Cook-Off (Artists-Bowls-Chili): the first 100 ticket buyers for the event will get to choose a bowl for sampling all the chili! Participants will be able have unlimited taste of the delicious recipes our 9- 10 contenders have made before voting for the very best 2017 chili concoction.  The event will be taking place on March 11th from 1- 3 pm here at the Art House (3119 Denison Avenue, Cleveland OH 44109) and will feature great chili, fabulously talented people and an incredible raffle for guests to participate in.  What else could be a more will be the perfect break from the cold (then warm then hot then cold again) weather?  I personally can’t wait to see how this event brings the community together and to see who gives last year’s winning team, Goya and the Gringo,a run for their trophy!img_1159


From the intern’s point of view…

Hello, everyone! My name is Gabi and I’m one of the interns here at Art House.  You’ll be hearing from me in the coming months as I document my journey with this beautiful organization and I look forward to sharing my experience with you.  I’m a senior Theater and Business Administration major from Baldwin Wallace and I’ve spent the majority of my college career with the aim of working for or opening an after school art program once I’ve graduated. Imagine my surprise when I opened an e-mail from a professor notifying me that there was an internship available for an organization that lined up with my dream almost perfectly!  I jumped at the opportunity of course, and – though I may have been overly enthusiastic during my interview – I’m so happy to be here.  

I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’ve already begun to reinforce the fundamentals of running a non-profit organization that I’ve learned in my classes; the board and staff are the bones holding everything together, grants and donors are our lifeblood, and the quality of our programming brings in our neighbors, people from all walks of life and all ages, our reason for surviving.  I’m hoping that by the time I leave this place I will have gained the understanding of what it takes to run an organization like this and be much better prepared for what my future brings me.  So far I’ve been working on marketing materials and linking our social media sites, but at different points over the next few months I hope to help with some of the Arts-In-Education programs, documenting the student’s progress as they dive into their projects, and hopefully will learn more about the grant-writing and application process.

The artistic community here in Cleveland is an incredible thing to bear witness to and it would be nowhere near as prominent as it is today if it weren’t for the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Arts Council, the George Gund, Martha Holden Jennings, the Mardi Gras Fund – the list goes on. In addition, the residents of Cuyahoga County also help through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture..  Their belief in the power of creativity and healthy stimulation of the community has given us the opportunity to reach more students, touch more families, and inspire more art throughout the Cleveland area.  I am so excited to be working with both Art House and our donors, but more prominently I am excited to see the effects of our combined efforts to bring such an amazing thing as art to those who deserve it.     

Art House at Parade the Circle

On Saturday, June 14, Art House participated in the 26th annual Parade the Circle celebration.  This exciting event brought 80,000 people to University Circle to watch and participate in the parade around Wade Oval. Community members from the Bellaire-Puritas, Kamms Corners, and West Park neighborhoods made art together in intergenerational workshops led by artist Wendy Mahon, and Bill Wade from Inlet Dance taught the group choreography to capture the movement of cape buffalo and traditional African tribesmen.


Sea Inspired Art at Literary Lots

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

What do these books have in common? The sea! Also, these works of literature, among others, are inspiring this summer’s Literary Lot in Ohio City. Literary Lots “brings magic and the power of imagination to urban kids by turning vacant, underutilized spaces into scenes from children’s books.” Art House will be providing 3 weeks of free art programming inspired by the ocean theme. Each class, instructed by a talented artist, will be held from 1-3 pm. Ready to hear what we’ll be working on this year?

Printmaking with artist Katie Taylor

July 22 – Fish Prints (More info to come)
July 24 – Colors of the Sea Printmaking (More info to come)
July 26 – Ocean Current Prints (More info to come)

Ceramics with artist Mark Yasenchack

July 29 – Under the Water Ceramics (Recreate your favorite sea creatures in polymer clay)
July 31 – Sunken Treasure Ceramics (Create a bounty of clay treasure to be the envy of any pirate!)

Mixed Media with artist Augusto Bordilois.

August 2 – Sailing Through 3D Art (Design and build scaled floating ships and rafts)
August 5 – Designs of the Tide (Lets paint with water! I mean, A LOT of water)
August 7 – Layers of the Lake (Explore, draw, and paint each uniquely sunlit layer of the lake)
August 9 – Deep Sea Design (Yes, let’s build a submarine!)

For even more information check out Art House’s Literary Lot page www.arthouseinc.org/classes/literary-lots or www.literarylots.org

Art House Teams Up with Literary Lots

Last summer, Literary Lots brought food-inspired children’s books to life in one of Ohio City’s underused urban spaces. For two weeks, kids were encouraged to read, write, create, and play within the transformed lot as various organizations (including Art House) led both literature and art related (free!) programming.

Literary Lots will return this July/August to transform Novak Park! The space and programming will reflect the new theme of ocean/water inspired children’s literature. Plans are in the works to construct a squid slide, a coral reef maze, and a “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” inspired submarine. The hope is to fill this submarine with audiobooks so kids can enter, relax, and listen.

Art House will team up with Literary Lots once again to organize art projects based around this year’s ocean theme. Programs, designed and led by three talented artists, will include printmaking, ceramics, and 3D mixed-media projects. Stay tuned for more details!

To learn more about last year’s successful lot and plans for this summer visit Literary Lot’s Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/literarylots/literary-lots-2014?ref=home_location.

Creative Fusion brings Dance to Cleveland

Creative Fusion brings performance artists to Cleveland! Hosted by Verb Ballets, Phuong Thanh Ngo is a ballet and contemporary dance artist from Vietnam. She graduated from Hochiminh City Dance School in Vietnam, and Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany in 2008. Phuong’s background includes performances in Vietnam and choreography for several dance productions. She has worked with numerous famed choreographers including Mark Ziekarek, Rodolpho Leoni, Stephan Brinkmann, and Ea Sola.
Her participation in the creation of experimental choreographies earned her a grant in 2012 for her creation of “Erasable”. She received the ‘Best Choreography’ award from the 2012 Korea International Modern Dance Competition. She is also a teacher of contemporary dance at the Hochiminh City Dance School.
Ngo will be working with Verb Ballets during her Creative Fusion residency to develop new work and share a 21st century view of Vietnamese culture with Cleveland community.