SVP Big Bang!

lailaSocial Venture Partners’ Big Bang was October 26th 2017. The first year that Art House participated, our Executive Director Laila Voss, was one of the 5 finalists to present their pitch to a large crowd in Near West Theatre. Laila was amazing! She really focused on the importance of art and how it affects children in our education system. Growing up with a narrow lens because of a lack of arts in education can be severely dramatic in: creativity, problem solving, team building and confidence. The arts are integral to our future leaders and their success in this ever changing world.

Talking to people in the audience before and after the pitches, I could see interest and excitement. During the pitches people were moved by the stories and the impact that the organizations were making in the Cleveland communities.

Watching Laila on stage was inspiring; she was up against far larger non-profits than Art House but still held her own. Though we did not win the competition we made friends, partners and proved that we are just as important as some of the larger institutions.


Emily Splain 

Program Coordinator 

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