Artist’s Inventory Challenge 2017



On July 8th, Art House hosted its second annual Inventory Challenge, attracting 16 artists from across the region.  The concept for the event is simple: artists use the organization’s inventory to create unique pieces which are then sold to benefit Art House.  While the creative juices flow, non-artists (like myself) are free to watch, talk to artists about their inspiration, and mingle.  Artists have 2 hours to create and then those works are put on sale and awards are distributed. 
This year’s winners were:
“Can’t Live Without it”: Angelica Pozo for her beautiful flowers made from just about everything
“Your Worst Nightmare”: Ryan Craycraft for his eerie book
“Most Alien”: Chris Dodson for his porcupine-like fish
As you can tell by the descriptions above, the artwork is truly unique and ranges from standard art like drawings and paintings to abstract collages and “frankensteined” sculptures.  I was mesmerized by the pieces by Michaelle Marschall who used melted beeswax and small items to create beautiful underwater scenes.  I even bought one!
Although the finished art is certainly a draw to the event, the real magic is in the process and comradery that naturally occurs when artists come together.  The Quonset hut was filled with colorful conversation and laughter as the artists worked hard to finish their works. 

We hope the draw even more spectators to next year’s event which will be held in the fall of 2018.  Stay tuned for more information and I can’t wait to see you there!

Adam Stalder 

Board President 


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