Home Improvements

Art House (AH) has a major improvement with a new cement floor which has inspired some creative changes to the gallery space, offices and clay studio.  Interior Innovator extraordinaire, Billy Ritter, is making movable wall/storage modules from re-purposed cabinets and dressers ideal for efficient use of a space like AH. Billy is also tweaking the layout of the ceramics studio, creating more space for the Open Studio participants.
The Open Studio program is an outstanding opportunity for any level ceramic artist looking for studio space.  AH offers new wheels, large kilns, a slab roller and a great collection of tools. The studio is designed for immediate use for artists looking to work outside of their house, or have graduated from school and need a studio to continue their work.  Stay tuned, the studio is shaping up to be a regional leader in ceramic art.

-Mark Yasenchack

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