Melissa’s Diary with Alka

Melissa has been working with Alka and exposing her to new media. She has been sharing her work and home life with her as well. Below is an excerpt from her diary.

WORK: Our waxes to be poured in bronze at Studio Foundry Wednesday. Here you can see our wax pieces connected together with the gating tree, ready to make into one fat mold. Alka’s tea bag is to the left, my cat in the middle, and underneath you can see our friend Wally’s hawk. Three waxes united to create, one mold. The wax and moisture will be vaporized from the investment mold, so it will cook till Tuesday night upping it to 1000F and then cooled to 500F and then buried in the sand pit for pouring bronze.

Melissa is on the board of Ingenuity and invited Alka and the Art House staff to Bal Ingenuix.

PLAY: Good times with the ART HOUSE GANG AMY CRAFT, STEPHANIE KLUK and RESIDENT ARTIST ALKA MATHUR at Bal Ingenuix party where we lively upped ourselves.

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