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Art House welcomes guest blogger for the month of May: Melissa Daubert

Melissa Daubert is a visual artist and teacher. She is also a strong supporter of cultural and artistic exchange in Cleveland. Melissa offers space and a creative environment to local and international artist through her non-formal residency program she began in 2010. Her residency program provides artists with a live/work space attached to her home and studio. When Art House’s international artist, Alka Mathur, came to Cleveland Melissa offered this space to her as her other international artist, Grainne Bird, was leaving after 6 months. Melissa gets as much as she gives in her exchange.


Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the people we meet influence our lives and our work. Only a few months ago, we were saving human hair for artist Grainne Bird – from Kildare Ireland to use in her art. Now, we are saving tea bags for Alka Mathur – from New Dehli, India to use in her art! I have to say, my hair is finally growing back now, and we are all drinking more tea than ever.

Saving tea bags has become an art here at our house. Each day I slip a package of used tea bags that are signed and dated with comments, under the door for ALKA. She in turn has been piecing together the writings and the tea bags into panels that have begun to create an intricate journal of random thoughts. Sometimes I consciously think I better sensor this, but mostly I don’t take it too seriously and just have fun.

“Tea Measures Time” a qoute included in the used bags donated by John Ranally inspired Alka to try doing bronze while she is here. Last weekend we made our wax pieces together outside at the picnic table in the sunshine. Monday we will take our pieces to get casted in bronze at the STUDIO FOUNDRY on Perkins Ave. Since Alka has been staying with us, I have been drinking tea every day! I still like that LIPTON.

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