This has been a cray-zee winter in Cleveland, am I right? It’s hard to believe we’re already on the cusp of spring! Of course, this being good ol’ CLE, there is still plenty of time for snow (don’t tell my poor little daffodils) but I, for one, am happy to soak in every warm, spring-like day that we get.

And this month, NEO is serving up plenty of art-pertunities for all of us to soak in as well! Here at Art House Inc., the printmakers had their first printastic class last night: stay tuned for photos. Meanwhile, the ever popular Gina DeSantis is winding down the first session of her wheel throwing class. The second session is already FULL but, never fear! If you are interested in taking a wheel throwing class, call Art House and ask to be wait-listed. Enough interest just might generate whole new class! It’s not too early to sign up for the next Sippin’ in the Studio (March 29th) or the second session of Melinda Placko’s mixed media class (begins March 22nd). Or, why not go ahead and reserve a spot for the kids in one of the upcoming children’s weekend workshops (April 7th)?

work by Elizabeth Emery

What to do while you’re waiting for your next class to begin? Well…I would start by heading down to the Sculpture Center on E.123rd Street this Friday night for the opening of two shows: in-between and promise, it’ll only take a minute to stop. Take it easy Saturday morning but stop by Art House around 1pm for our monthly Family Open Studio–as always, it’s FREE!! And, I’ll break from tradition here and recommend a big fish for a change: Sunday, stop by the Cleveland Museum of Art. Like so much in Cleveland, our art museum is an underutilized gem. In addition to having one of the best permanent collections in the country, the Rembrandt exhibit now on display is stunning. See ya out there!

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