Because we CAN! (Get it?)

Fellow art lover, prepare to have your mind officially rocked. Today marks the release of the first Collective Arts Network Journal (CAN): a publication put forth by approximately 28+ local arts organizations. (Did you even know there were that many right here in our little neck of the woods?!) A tremendous amount of planning, organization, communication, and time took an innovative idea and turned it in to the new go-to resource for what is happening in our arts community. Right now, 10,000 of these babies are being distributed throughout the city. Pick one up, well, just about anywhere. And if your favorite coffee shop, library, independent movie theater, lunch spot, small business doesn’t have CAN in stock, ask for it!

Art House Inc is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful, rich, creative community! Want to learn more? Check out this blog post by one of CAN’s creators, Michael Gill.

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