Happy New Year!!

The tree’s on the lawn, the menorah candles extinguished, lights taken down, champagne drunk, and sweets foresworn for the next month, at least. Now the kids are back in school and it’s official: the crazy winter holiday season is over! If you are like me, your first reaction was to declare victory. I survived! The budget is still intact (and so is my waistline) and now I can relax and look forward to…the long, dull days of winter.

Any citizen of our fair city knows the key to keeping the winter blahs away is staying busy. And not in a shovel-the-driveway-make-sure-the-deicer-in-the-car-is-full way but in a it-might-be-horribly-gray-and-dark-out-but-I-refuse-to-let-it-crush-my-spirit-so-I-will-feed-my-soul kind of way. Let us help! Art House Inc. just posted a whole slew of fabulous classes to keep you happy and creative from now until spring. Whether it’s Sippin’ in the Studio with friends, Printmaking or Painting with the spouse, or something for the kids, you will stay blissfully engaged until one day you look up and it’s spring! This works! I promise. šŸ˜‰ See you in class.

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