Give the Gift of Art (House)

So, here we are, in the heart of the season of giving and…you’re stumped. What gift could possibly convey how you feel to friends and loved ones?

Socks seem understated. Coffee mugs are cliche. Books are difficult because you don’t know what they’ve already read. Art is hard because you’re not sure what they like. And you can just forget about that sweater and tie combo right now. Then there are all of the practical concerns: budget, of course, is a factor. But what about recycled? Fair Trade? Local? Handmade? Agh! It’s enough to send you straight to the mall…except that’s even worse (what size? what color? can they return it? do you giftwrap? is this where the line begins? seriously?!)

Do not despair! The perfect solution to the gift-giving quandary is to give an experience. You don’t have to worry about size or color or waiting in line at the Banana Republic for three hours of your life on a Saturday afternoon while munching on more Auntie Anne’s pretzels than you ever thought you could consume in one sitting (or, standing, as the case may be.) And the lucky recipient need not be left with some thing that needs storing or cleaning or shelf space. Art House Inc. is the perfect holiday present! Give the gift of a class, a workshop, an art-filled date night or girls evening out. Budget friendly, buying local, and always the perfect size. Happy Holidays!

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