A Little About Art House Inc.

I thought it might be time to talk a little bit about who we are and why we are worth supporting. Northeast Ohio is extremely fortunate to have tremendous support for the arts. We have the cultural infrastructure (Severance Hall, Playhouse Square, Cleveland Museum of Art) of some of the best cities in the world. But, also a wealth of grassroots efforts (Zygote Press, Dobama Theater, Art House Inc.) throughout the region that have sprung up through the efforts of communities and artists who saw a need and wanted to meet it. So, why support us, specifically?

In this difficult economic time, funding for the arts has been cut dramatically. All nonprofits are hurting, as are many individuals. Unfortunately, this is when we need the arts more than ever. Creativity and exploration are a gateway to economic development. Not only are they safe places to invent, try, fail and invent again, but they encourage us to ask questions and start thinking bigger. We need critical thinkers now and, more importantly, for the next generation.

Art House Inc., through its Urban Bright Initiative and free Family Open Studio sessions, offers a unique environment and the materials to foster the kind of creativity that many would not otherwise have access to. Art programs do not aim to make artists of us all but, rather, to help us realize our potential everywhere. Please help us as we aim to meet the needs of an ever changing and growing community. Thank you!! Go to our homepage to donate now. Or buy a ticket to our annual fundraiser, come check out our facility and learn more!

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