Paint Your Own Holiday Wine Glasses

Okay, taking a teensy weensy break from introducing our artists (not to worry, upcoming posts with be chock-a-block with artist photos and info) just to bring you breaking news: the next Sippin’ in the Studio class is scheduled, posted and ready to roll! Taught by the FABULOUS Melinda Placko, the upcoming workshop is both timely and theme-related: wine glass painting! From 7-9pm, Thursday November 17th, create a beautiful and useful work of art that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. These are so fun to create and make wonderful gifts (that is, if you can stand to part with them). A super date night with the significant other or something fun to do with girlfriends before the craziness of the holiday season takes over. And this isn’t your standard craft-night fare: “Greek vases, Japanese ink painting, and contemporary graffiti serve as inspiration as we design a painting in the round. Sketch on paper then adorn a special wine glass with washable enamel paints!” Click here to go straight to our website and add this little goody to your cart!

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