Meet Artist: Beth Whalley

Ok, back to discussing some of the really fantastic artists we’re so fortunate to have participating in Art House Revealed this year.

Beth Whalley is a life-long northeast Ohioan and proprietor of Proximity gallery in Cleveland’s St. Clair – Superior neighborhood (if you haven’t been yet, go! Beth has done a tremendous job with this space and has curated some really inspiring shows). Her two and three-dimensional work is heavily influenced by local wildlife, architecture, and landscape laced with pattern and repetition. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber and Material Studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art and is a member of the Guild of Nature Artists, an associated society of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Beth lives in Cleveland with her business partner/better half, an “odd couple” of cats, and a college-educated canine.

So, what kind of “house” is Beth bringing to the benefit on December 2nd? Hmmm. Only time will tell. But get your ticket and join us there and you might just be the lucky bidder bringing it home! (Get it? Home. I know, right? Hilarious!!…I do promise no lame jokes at the benefit, really.)

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